Dry petfood, and complementary food for dogs

B&B is an Italian company that has been on the pet food market for more than 10 years. It specializes in professional food, dry food and complimentary food for dogs. Born thanks to the experience of breeders, vets and experts, it has decided to focus almost exclusively on professional breeding, helping breeders and professionals to grow and feed their dogs with healthy and balanced food. We work side by side with breeders and professionals to find the best solutions for the challenges they give us, to grow their dogs stronger and healthier.

This is why B&B has always had clear and strong values: Italian dry food with simple, unadulterated, high quality ingredients. Quality nutrition makes our dogs healthy and fit. B&B’s products are simple and made with first-choice raw materials, always keeping an eye on sustainability.

Our mission is much more than just food: it’s a promise. The promise to give your dogs good food to make them live well. To keep our promise, we never stop building relationships to make a better future.

Our products

Line Super Premium

It is our traditional range of dry dog food characterized by simple and consolidated compositions, created with simple and selected raw materials, designed specifically for breeders


Line Extra Quality

It is the Extra-Quality range of dry food, dry food for dogs characterized by balanced compositions and rich in high quality ingredients, free of chemical additives and preservatives, palatable and tasty that guarantees the well-being of dogs thanks to their high quality nutrients which are the result of Made in Italy research

Why B&B?

Quality nutrition means fitness and vitality for our pets.

This is why we focus on innovation and always look for new ingredients that are suitable for their basic needs.

Thanks to our passion and to the experience we built with breeders and professionals, we can offer to you simple ingredients and a wide range of products. Our different products are not just healty and tasty, but they also follow the nutritional requirements of your dogs all through the steps of their life.

Trust the quality experts!