We are always growing!

Our name identifies what has always been our calling: a wonderful travel side by side to breeders.

To breed’ means not only to feed, but also to take care of the growth process of the dog, since when it is a puppy and all through its life

Being next to breeders means to fully understand the value, passion and responsibility that professional dog lovers put in taking care of their dogs.

It means to establish a relationship of trust that lasts in time, supplying professional food and advice with the same passion we share for our four-legged friends, to become a reference in our field.

This is why our mission is much more than dog food, it is a promise. The promise to make your dogs eat well to make them live better.

This is our job, this is what we can do well. To keep this promise, we never stop building relationships for a better future.


    Our story is a trip started from the passion for dogs, and moved by the willingness to make healthy food, suitable for the nutritional needs of our pets.


    Our big passion for our jub, the sense of responsibility that leads us through the choice of raw materials, and the experience we have built side by side with breeders and professionals push us to improve every day to become a reference in our field.